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  • Before I came to see Dr. Walsh, I had all sorts of issues. I had horrible headaches, cramps in legs, feet, stomach and pain on my abdominal area. My arms and legs would fall asleep, and I had no menstrual cycle (which was the main reason I came). I had no energy and was overweight. I was diagnosed as post-menopausal; face was blemished, and I had back issues with history of herniated discs. I was constantly ill with flu or some type of cold and I could not sleep at nights. Since I came to see Dr. Walsh, I have a menstrual cycle again and lost a total of 56 pounds so far. No more leg or feet cramps; arms, hand and fingers don't fall asleep. No numbness in legs. Headaches and pain in abdominal area--gone! I have plenty of energy, eat right, exercise regularly and no back issues. I sleep through the night. I am a new person. I praise God for all of you!

    Joanne Walker

  • I was having anxiety attacks and it was difficult to handle social situations and focus on work. I was tired all the time and without hope of feeling normal again. Now, I have tons of energy and can handle stress exponentially better. I don't worry about little things like before. I find myself feeling happy in situations that would have terrified me before. I am able to work and function like normal. I feel like a whole new me.

    Hannah Sathe

  • When I came to this office, I was almost convinced from my previous doctor that I had M.S. I had numbness in fingers on both hands, left arm and hand, and face. I had pain in my left foot and calf as well as high cholesterol, for which I had been taking Crestor. Now, my cholesterol levels have improved without using a statin. Everything mentioned has vastly improved. I feel like I have a "new lease on life" and am grateful to Dr. Walsh for helping me.

    B. H.

  • I was tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep. I had trouble staying asleep at night and would often be awake for hours during the middle of the night. I had digestive problems, frequent headaches and just felt older than my age. I am much better now. I have enough energy to make it through a full day with two school-aged boys. I am sleeping through the night regularly and rarely experience a headache. My digestion has improved considerably as well.

    Paula Frizzell

  • Before I came to see Dr. Walsh, I had been suffering from IBS (chronic diarrhea) for about six months. My primary care doctor was unable to help me. I took probiotics and controlled the problem with Imodium. I was also taking three medications for my blood pressure and Zocor for my cholesterol. Dr. Walsh found I had sensitivities to wheat and refined sugar and provided dietary supplements. The diarrhea stopped immediately after I eliminated gluten and refined sugars from my diet. After about six months, I can now tolerate these in small amounts without dire consequences. I am sleeping much better and have reduced my blood pressure meds to less than a third of what I was taking formerly. My cholesterol levels are also much better. I will always be grateful to the friends who told me about Dr. Walsh. He's truly a gifted healer!

    Jane Patrick

  • I had severe left heel pain for a couple of years. I had difficulty walking, running, etc. I also was experiencing some depression and weight gain." Now: "Totally gone! I can run and walk with no difficulty. Now able to do 5K, 10K runs and increase in my time. I lost 7-8 lbs. Even though times are tough, and there's an increase in stress, I have not slipped back into depression. I thank God and Dr. Walsh and staff!!

    Beverly Dagoda

  • Before I came here, I was very tired, bloated feeling, had brain fog, trouble digesting food, itchy feeling, and severe constipation. Now I have more energy, think more clearly, less bloating and not as much itching or constipation. Overall I would say there has been much improvement.

    Doris Cordell

  • I was foggy, dizzy, and had no energy. Now, I am considerably better--have much more energy and better sleep. I stopped taking most of my meds, and realized they were not helping my condition, but rather were causing most of the problems. Utilizing Standard Process products along with the muscle testing is the only way to go.

    Leigh Sprowls

  • (Before I saw Dr. Walsh, they took) 17 vials of blood, my hair was falling out, and no one knew what was wrong. It was frustrating and scary. "Alopicia Areata" does not have to be unknown without treatment! (After being on Dr. Walsh's nutrition program), I am feeling better, hair looks good, and the problem is solved. I can go back to school without the kids making fun of me.

    A fourth grade student

  • I had lots of bloating and swelling in my stomach, and my weight was steadily going up. My hands were extremely cold and I couldn't go without a sweater. I had severe bouts of reflux, which required I sleep sitting up. Now I no longer have bloating and abdominal swelling, my weight has dropped 13 lbs., my hands are no longer freezing and my reflux is gone.


  • I had a severe skin condition that lingered about 27 years. It would come and go attacking my arms and legs. It actually would "travel" from one extremity to another. This condition prevented me from normal summer activities~pool and beach. The tightness of my skin sometimes was unbearable. There was no lotion or cream that would bring relief of itching and scaling. (Since being on a Nutrition Response Testing program?) Oh my! Now I can sleep at night without my sleep being interrupted by sudden itching. I can take baths and showers without the result of tightness anymore. The roughness is gone and my skin is softer than ever, even without lotions! We are looking forward to the beach this summer!

    Betsy Delgado

  • I was tired, had no ambition, no joy, and was irritable. Now I feel like a new person, 10 years younger, able to complete tasks, learn new things, happy, people don't get me down, and I want to get out and do things.


  • My body constantly retained water (puffy). I would feel stomach bloating in the morning (when I drank coffee). I would have days when I craved sugars/carbohydrates, almost like binges. My energy levels were low even on thyroid medication. Now, I no longer have the body swelling. I can still enjoy my morning coffee without the stomach gas. My metabolism/energy level is much higher, and I have the desire to exercise daily. For the first time in my life I "know" when to stop eating. I ate because it tasted good even when I was full.

    Shannon Mizelle

  • I was remarkably tired and had a sinus infection. I drank diet coke to perk me up and rarely drank water. I was eating candy, chocolates, or other sweets daily and craved sweets. (After following the recommendations), I have no runny nose, cough or stufffy nose. I am more focused and don't feel as anxious or driven. I am drinking less diet sodas, less caffeine and more water. I have more energy and have much less cravings for sweets.

    Cheryle Gasch

  • I had chronic yeast infections that baffled my gynecologist and left me feeling frustrated. Month after month I returned to the gynecologist with the same symptoms: pain, sore, dry, cracked skin, and itching. Each month I took more and more prescription drugs, but none of them got to the root of my problem. I started feeling increasingly hopeless that I would ever have true healing. About a month and a half after following Dr. Walsh's diet and nutritional supplement recommendations, I began seeing�and feeling�amazing results. No longer did I have the painful, cracked skin that I had months before. Cutting out refined sugar was probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, but it was 100% worth it! My body is healed in a way that I never experienced while taking prescription medications. Thank you, Dr. Walsh, for your help with getting my body back to where it should be. You've shown me a better way to live and eat, and for that I'm extremely grateful.


  • Before I came to Dr. Walsh I was constantly suffering from headaches/allergies and ear infections. I have been having ear infections about 23 years. I was also suffering from acid reflux and chronic tiredness. Now my ear infections have decreased and my acid reflux is GONE. I have lost 20 lbs. and I no longer feel like I need to take a nap at 3:30 pm. Dr. Walsh has helped me understand what foods are good for me and I just feel 100% better than I did before I started the program. I was also able to start wearing contact lenses now that my eyes are not itchy/watery all the time.

    Brian Roberts

  • I came to Dr. Walsh because I was under an extraordinarily high amount of stress. I was suffering from a high level of anxiety and struggling with insomnia. I was also having difficulty managing my moods and felt very depressed. I had also been a long time allergy sufferer. Nutrition Response Testing changed my life. The testing identified food sensitivities that I wasn't aware of as well as deficiencies with my kidney and adrenal organs. Within just a few weeks of taking the prescribed supplements and adjusting my diet, I was seeing results. I became much calmer and was able to selep through the night once again. I also had more energy and noticed that my energy level was sustaining throughout the day. I was also able to combat my depression naturally without the use of anti-depressants. My allergies improved and I've also noticed a direct correlation beween the foods I eat and the effect they have on my body. Coincidentally, I received a promotion at my job that I would not have had the courage to pursue if were still trying to manage my anxiety. I am a true believer in the value of this program.

    Kelly Susino

  • Before I came to Dr. Walsh I had an overall unhealthy feeling in my body. I had gained weight, not much energy, my memory and concentration were a problem and my primary Dr. diagnosed me with adult onset diabetes and my blood pressure was high. So, needless to say I needed help. Dr. Walsh presented to me what I needed to do to "get well". I started the very next day and within 2 days I was starting to feel better. I forgot to mention that I was getting hot flashes-10 or more times a day. (Now) I haven't felt this good in years. I have no more hot flashes. I lost some weight and I don't feel as stressed and pressured like I was feeling. I have more energy and don't have that exhausted feeling at the end of my day. Another thing Dr. Walsh helped me with was food cravings. Mostly chocolate! They're gone!! I just want to say a Big Thank You to Dr. Walsh and Ann. Also thank you Amber for keeping us all organized.

    Nancy Cook

  • Before I came to Dr. Walsh I was sick for years with stomach problems. I couldn't eat without becoming sick. My only choice was to throw up after eating to avoid sickness and/or pain. I went to a gastro. doctor. Many tests and much $$ later, he didn't know why I was having problems. He told me to go to Shands, because he couldn't help me. Thank God I found Dr. Walsh or I would have been hospitalized! Within a week I could feel the differences. I started feeling better and eating what my body needed. I lost 46 lbs., went from a size 16 to a size 12. But most important I feel great, have energy, and can enjoy life again. I feel Dr. Walsh saved my life and tell any who would want to listen.

    June Coleman

  • Prior to coming to CARE, I had breathing problems (oxygen level was 75% volume), pains in hands and wrists, and problems with my whole body. Now my hands and entire body fell much better. My most recent pulmonary test showed my oxygen level has increased to 98%. I have lost weight and am very pleased with the care I have received.

    R Wayne Wagner

  • When I first started seeing Dr. Walsh, I listed more than 18 things wrong with my body. The major ones included arthritis pain, sleeplessness, toe infection, hip problems, vision problems and limited neck movement. I have had various vitamin supplements my entire life and never got the relief I have gotten with his targeted help. I am especially thankful that I can now say I do not have arthritis. And I am amazed that Dr. Walsh's treatments cured my toe infection that had stumped doctors for three years. All this was accomplished in less than one year's time and I continue to make progress in my overall health. My body and my life are changed forever.

    Richard Ganobsek

  • My son Chris had been diagnosed with ADD and anxiety when he was in 1st grade. For seven years we tried all types of ADHD medication with no good results; only the bad side effects were visible, such as weight loss and paranoia. His grades were still bad and he passed grades only because his FCAT level was ok. Chris was very introverted and antisocial. Since seeing Dr. Walsh, Chris has made a complete turn around. He is no longer taking any ADD medication, and he is no longer seeing a psychiatrist. He has gained weight and grown to a height of above average for his age. Now Chris is very sociable and enjoys being around people. He has joined karate and at school he has joined the swim team. His grades are holding up and he is trying his best to get on the honor roll. Thank you so much Dr. Walsh!

    Grace DeRosa

  • Before I came to Dr. Walsh I weighed 242 lbs although I worked outside at a fairly physical job. I slept poorly, was tired most of the time and just plain didn't feel well. I couldn't walk more than 1/4 mile without my back and legs hurting. I thought my diet was ok, but it needed improvement. Four months later I'm down to 214 lbs and still losing pounds and inches. I've gone from a tight size 20 to a 16. I'm walking 2 1/2-3 miles 5-6 days a week and have more energy than I can ever remember. I sleep great since I've changed my diet. Dr. Walsh found that I'm sensitive to sugar and corn. Since I've been seeing Dr. Walsh my life and outlook have completely changed for the better!

    Priscilla Gell

  • Before I found Dr. Walsh I was depressed, felt sluggish and had no feeling in my left hand from continued MS symptoms! Every 3 months I would lose feeling in one leg or both while having opposite sensations of hot and cold. I could only get about 3-6 hours of very interrupted sleep every night. Now, I sleep much better and feel rested. After vacation, I felt an MS flare-up coming on, but by following Dr. Walsh's advice and supplement schedule, it was only a mild one-week flare-up instead of a horrible 3 month episode as in the past. Overall I am so much better, happier, and more energy. In a typical year I used to only have 2 or 3 good MS-free months and now in 9 months I have only had one slightly uncomfortable week! It feels like a miracle!

    Holly LaBatt

  • My son Phoenix was a constant worry because of his asthmatic symptoms. For almost three years he has sounded like a little old man, whether he would be sleeping, playing or just sitting. We called him our "happy wheezer" as did the doctors at HRMC on six hospital stays! Wheezing was a way of life! And coughing fits so horrible it busted blood vessels all over his face. His nebulizer was his best friend! In the last several weeks under Dr. Walsh's regiment you would never even be able to tell Phoneix was ever sick! NO WHEEZING!! I never thought he would ever sleep peacefully but he does now!

    Darlene Kutz

  • Before I brought my 10 month old daugher Emily to Dr. Walsh, she could not move. She cried all the time and could not even sit up by herself. Pushing herself up on her arms was about all she could do and that was just getting her chest off the ground. She also was severely constipated. After three weeks of seeing Dr. Walsh she was a different child. She got herself to situp and crawl. Now she is one year old and is awesome. She can walk and she is so much happier than before. Also she goes to the bathroom everyday. Dr. Walsh is a great doctor and person and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dr. Walsh for giving me back my baby.

    Elizabeth Hewitt

  • I have always had a large tummy, basically, I always looked pregnant. Physically, I felt bloated and gaseous. In two weeks time I lost nearly seven inches from my tummy and don't feel bloated or gaseous at all. The results have been amazing. The miracle thing that has happened for me: I've gone from a size 20 to 16 since I began!

    Charlotte Guttenberg

  • Restless leg syndrome made sitting still in the evening impossible and sleep difficult with interruptions. My husband was ready to have us sleep in separate beds. The difference using the oil (Dr. Walsh gave me) is PHENOMENAL!! No RLS any more! My legs are calm and stay put and my husband is happy!

    Nancy Perrone

  • My sons both had issues with allergies and asthma. They were on Zyrtec, SIngular, Advair and occasional nebulizer (Pulmacort). One child had dark circles under his eyes (daily) and every night I changed his night shirt because it was soaking wet with sweat. My other son had a chronic cough, dark circles, and was always tired. After receiving nutritional and chiropractic care, we are off of all meds except for Advair for one child, which we only do once a day. The kids have adjusted to rice milk and never ask for their old favorites ice cream, pudding and yogurt. They feel better, look better and love to see Dr. Walsh! Coming to Dr. Walsh was the best thing I did for my boys. I just wish I had done it sooner!

    Renee G.

  • In January my total cholesterol was 241, triglycerides 187, HDL 52, and LDL was 152. My first visit with Dr. Walsh was in May. I made a commitment that I would do whatever he asked of me. In July, my total cholesterol was 193 (DOWN 48 points), triglycerides 151, HDL 47, and LDL dropped an amazing 36 points! I owe this to my commitment to Dr. Walsh and to Dr. Walsh for his expertise in making me well.

    I had severe environmental allergies which led to adult-onset asthma in my late 30's. Each fall, I would end up with an upper respiratory infection and on antibiotics. I've had numerous sinus surgeries over the years. This pattern continued every year until the ENT recommended another surgery. I began seeing Dr. Walsh. He assured me that my winter would be "steroid and antibiotic free." November and December came and I did not get sick. In January, however, I developed a respiratory infection which progressed quickly to my lungs and I developed a fever. Dr. Walsh calmly assured me that my body was fighting the sinus infection and that it was a good thing. He performed a nutritional test on me and added a supplement at that time. THREE DAYS LATER I was not only not sick, but I no longer had any congestion in my sinuses or lungs. It is now May and I am still free of sinus congestion. For the last 26 years, the winter months have proven bad for my health. For the last 11 years, I have spent 5 to 6 months of each year on antibiotics and steroids. This year, it took THREE DAYS to make me well. Dr. Walsh is truly gifted and has my undying gratitude.

    Kathleen Harrell

  • The area behind my scar was intensely painful. I had constant discomfort and pain that would come and go. This was 4 years after my C-section surgery. Now the pain is gone! I can do yoga positions again that I was unable to do because my scar couldn't take the direct pressure. With continued care from Dr. Walsh the pain completely disappeared. I am so thankful I came to Dr. Walsh first and not my gynecologist who I'm sure would have cut me open again!

    Michelle Porter

  • I was two weeks away from having surgery on my neck. This meant 2-4 weeks off work, wearing a cervical collar for 6 weeks and a lifetime of limited motion in my neck. I was in serious pain and could not sleep at night. My neck and shoulder felt as if the muscles were being ripped out. After seeing Dr. Walsh I am now completely cured! Dr. Walsh was able to make corrections so that the bulging disc was able to return to its normal position. He also took the time to pray with me. Through God's healing powers and Dr. Walsh's willingness to be used by God, I am healed.

    Tony Venable

  • I suffered from Fibromyalgia and numerous other symptoms lumped together by my physicians. Irritable Bowel Syndrome kept me confined to my home. I took many anti-inflammatories (prescription as well as over the counter) for a lot of muscle pain and stiffness. I did not sleep without a sleeping pill. I had heart palpitations I took medicine for high blood pressure and it would not go below the high normal range. Since following Dr. Walsh's nutrition program, I have nearly no pain associated with Fibromyalgia and no longer take prescriptions for pain. I sleep well, have no heart palpitations and my blood pressure is in normal range. IBS is a thing of the past!

    Madeline Cote

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