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5 Benefits of Nutrition Response Testing to Start Your New Year

Nutrition Response Testing is the test in which the doctor uses one hand to muscle test your extended arm while using the other to press on each bodily reflex location. Your nervous system will respond by limiting energy to your extended arm being tested, which will cause your arm to weaken and drop if a reflex for a certain organ or area is stressed. The correction of a weakness in the arm is essential for maximum health and function.

We have methods to assess that area for frequent stresses, which typically fall into these categories when we discover a weak reaction that lacks sufficient energy:

  • Food Sensitivities
  • Past Scars/Injuries
  • Metal Toxicities
  • Immune Challenges
  • Chemical Toxicities

Nutritionist Melbourne FL may address the deficits with individualized dietary adjustments and the best caliber nutritional supplements once we identify which reflexes are weak and what underlying pressures are generating the weaknesses. Here are 5 benefits of nutrition response testing to start your new year.

1. Non-Invasive

This process is totally non-invasive. There are no painful procedures, blood tests, or needles. Your arm and acupressure points on the surface of your body are tested with a mild touch and pressure.

2. Natural and 100 Percent Secure

The most secure and without side effects method of natural treatment is nutrition response testing. There are no operations, medications, or pharmaceuticals. Everything we offer is made with natural, nourishing foods and herbs that the body uses for proper recovery.

3. Focuses on the Core Issue

Discover the root of your health problems and address them head-on with tried-and-true, all-natural nutritional treatment and lifestyle changes.

4. Effective and Accurate 

Our testing is highly accurate and analyses your body's inherent reactions. Your body communicates to us what is causing it stress and the precise nourishment it needs.

5. Deal with the Obstacles to Healing

Have you ever started taking a supplement or medication that felt like it should be the perfect fit but you didn't react at all? It is possible that there were some obstacles to healing at work. The body desires to recover. In actuality, it MUST heal. This is how these bodies were constructed. Why then don't we occasionally heal? Because of obstacles, the healing process can be slowed down or stopped entirely. These barriers include toxic stress on the body, environmental toxins that prevent the body from properly detoxifying them, a weakened or weighed-down immune system, food allergies, and, yes, even scar interference. By using Nutrition Response Testing, Nutritional response testing near me can identify the obstacles to recovery and extinguish the fires that have kept the body ill, allowing it to regenerate and heal at last.


Care Natural Wellness Center can evaluate if you are a Nutrition Response Testing case and whether a nutritional treatment plan would support your health goals after your initial consultation and analysis. If it turns out that you qualify for Nutrition Response Testing, we will give you a precise program to adhere to within a set time frame for the greatest outcomes.

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