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Fix Your Gut, Save Your Life

Your health, especially the health of your heart, may be greatly influenced by the trillions of bacteria that live in your gut.

We need to consider our gut health for three major reasons. First off, there are many trillions of bacteria in our colon and intestinal tract. These are vital to our health because they create a variety of hormones and vitamins that are essential for our survival.

Second, the majority of the immune system's cells are located in our gastrointestinal tract. Fewer sick days and a lower risk of allergies and autoimmune diseases are both associated with healthy gut health. Last but not least, no matter how healthy the food you consume is, if your intestinal lining is unhealthy, it will be difficult for you to fully benefit from it.

How can I Tell Whether My Gut is Healthy?

It depends on a number of variables; there is no one technique to determine whether your stomach is healthy. Diarrhoea, constipation, or stomach cramps may indicate a problem with the digestive system. You do not necessarily have a healthy gut just because you are symptom-free. Other elements consist of:

  • How frequently you are ill
  • If you follow a tight diet
  • What treatments you use

How can I Improve My Gut Health?

Diet has a significant impact on the health of our gut because our microorganisms depend on what we feed them. This explains why different microorganisms can be found in identical twins despite having identical genetic makeup. It is crucial to consider your lifestyle because factors like sleep, stress, and exercise might alter the bacteria.

What Foods should I Eat to Support Intestinal Health?

Eating 30 different plant foods each week is one of the tactics Care Natural Wellness Center suggest. Diversity is important since there are hundreds of plant phytochemicals and around 100 different forms of fibre, all of which are thought to feed various microorganisms. Although the number thirty may seem daunting, it includes wholegrains, legumes (such as chickpeas, kidney beans, or lentils), nuts, and seeds. It might be as easy as sprinkling some mixed seeds on anything you eat for breakfast.

Make minor changes, such as switching to a pack of mixed vegetables or multiple-coloured peppers instead of just one. Don't consume the same meal every day. Even if you enjoy routine, switch up your fruit every day, or if you have oatmeal every day, switch up the toppings by adding nuts and seeds, berries, or bananas.

How the Condition of my Gut Impact the Condition of My Heart?

Numerous studies have been conducted on animals, but we must wait for results from human studies to be certain. For instance, we are aware that polyphenols, a class of plant-based antioxidant, are associated with heart and circulatory health, but 90% of them are indigestible by human cells. Instead, we depend on our gut bacteria to ferment them so that they can be ingested by the body.

We also know that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for gut health, heart health, and circulatory health. Extra virgin olive oil, which is high in polyphenols, is a fundamental component. But we also know that following a Mediterranean diet will broaden the variety of our microorganisms, and it is this diversity that has been associated with a reduced risk of chronic illnesses including heart and circulation problems.


If you really want to strong your intestine with the help of proper diet then Care Natural Wellness Center can really help you to gain strong gut life. 

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