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How To Lose Weight Using Nutrition Response Testing

A very accurate and scientific approach to nutritional analysis is called Nutrition Response Testing. However, if I were to conduct a Nutrition Response Testing analysis on you before I communicated it to you, you might find it unusual or just not believing because it is most likely extremely different from anything you may have encountered in the past.

Acupuncture points and the body's inherent bio-energetic responses are tested as part of the analysis. The Autonomic Nervous System, the portion of the nervous system responsible for controlling every organ's function, is made up in large part of the bio-energetic reflexes. The acupuncture sites are chosen from the traditional Chinese acupuncture system, which dates back thousands of years.

The purpose of Nutrition Response Testing is to investigate the relationship between your health and the flow of energy in each and every organ and bodily function.

Using these bio-energetic reflexes and certain acupuncture points has been quite helpful in our Nutrition Response Testing practise because they are so precise.

The five most typical "stressors" that can impair an individual's reaction to natural therapies by posing "barriers to recovery" are also tested for by Nutrition Response Testing analysis. They are food allergies, chemical toxicity, heavy metal poisoning from lead, mercury, and aluminum, persistent immunological problems, and scars on the skin.

Nutrition wellness center Melbourne FL can assist if you are having difficulty losing weight. Perhaps you have tried Atkins, low carb, South Beach, low calorie, and vigorous exercise, but the results have not materialized. If you feel like you have tried everything but that tire around your stomach still won't go away, it is time to speak with a nutrition program specialist that specializes in weight management. The key to losing weight is 90% good diet choices and 10% exercise.

Our ultimate goal is to increase community understanding of the amazing capacity for self-healing. By concentrating on what health is actually all about—taking care of one's skeletal system through chiropractic care.  We make sure that put food into our bodies rather than products and chemicals—our objective is to empower individuals, communities, and states to make better health decisions. Our ultimate objective is to help everyone adopt a wellness lifestyle that includes chiropractic, good nutrition, adequate sleep and rest, as well as exercise and prayer.

Care Natural Wellness Center takes a two-pronged approach to the weight loss problem. We suggest dietary changes and nutritional supplements help the body start repairing itself. Utilizing a technique known as Nutrition Response Testing for weight loss, we pinpoint the nutrients that your body is deficient in. We determine the cause of your body's failure to recover or lose weight.


Then, to discover whether you qualify, contact Care Natural Wellness Center to set up your Nutrition Response Testing appointment. Nothing else will, in my opinion regarding nutritional response testing near me and clinical experience, benefit you as much as this strategy can if you are a good candidate. 

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